About these K-12 activities

The following activities target a middle school population although activities are approachable by more advanced elementary school students. The activities are also ideal for high school students to review basic concepts.

All exercises make use of javascript's which provides for a more interactive environment.

How is heat transferred? What is heat, Conduction - Convection - Radiation

Why do metals conduct? What metals conduction the best?

How does a battery work? Chemical Reactions in Batteries. Volta's first battery. How to make a lemon battery. How does a modern battery work?What are the different types of batteries? Assessment questions....

Properties of Waves

What is the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves? What is a Rayleigh Waves, Love Waves

What are electromagnetic waves?--The electromagnetic spectrum--How are electromagnetic waves produced?The visible spectrum...What are the different types of Electromagnetic Waves? Is light a particle or wave? What is the relationship between wavelength, frequency and energy of Electromagnetic Radiation?How are electromagnetic waves produced? Assessment -- Test your understanding...

What are seismic waves? What are the different types of seismic waves? --How do we know about the different layers of the earth?Assessment -- Test your understanding...