About these K-12 activities

The following activities target a middle school population although activities are approachable by more advanced elementary school students. The activities are also ideal for high school students to review basic concepts.

All exercises make use of javascript's which provides for a more interactive environment.

Introduction to the Solar System

An Overview of the Solar System -- Galileo's telescope, how was the solar system formed?

The Sun -- how big is the sun? What are sunspots? How hot is the sun? What is solar weather?

Mercury -- How big is mercury? What is the surface of mercury like?

Venus -- How big is the planet Venus? What is the surface of Venus like?

The Earths Moon -- What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon? What is the surface of the moon like?

Mars -- How big is mars? What is the surface of mars like?

Asteroid Belt -- How many are there? What are they named after?

The planet Jupiter -- How big is Jupiter? What are the moons of Jupiter? How much gravity does Jupiter have?

Saturn -- How big is Saturn? What are the rings of Saturn... What are the moons of Saturn like?

The planet Uranus -- How big is it? Does it have rings? How many moons does Uranus have?

Neptune --How big is Neptune? What is the surface of Neptune like?

Pluto -- Is Pluto really a planet? How big is Pluto? Does Pluto have any moons?

What is a comet? Where are they in the Solar System?

What is the Kuiper Belt? How many objects are in the Kuiper belt and how big are they?

What is the Oort Cloud? Where is the Oort cloud and how did it start?

How big is the Milky Way? Where is the Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy?

What is Helium-3 and why is it so important?

What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

Life of a Star

What are black holes, wormholes and white holes?

Videos of black holes and worm holes